PLN 600 Loan for the start from Bank

PLN 600 up to PLN 10,000 Loan

PLN 600 up to PLN 10,000 Loan

PLN 600 may be increased by those who will set up one of two company accounts at millenial and then transfer premiums to ZUS.

After today’s information about the promotion at Millenial bank, today before the beginning of the weekend I would like to present one more interesting promotion that should interest business owners or new entrepreneurs. By creating an mBusiness Start account, we can collect up to PLN 600.

I had the opportunity to write about Zbusiness account not so long ago because last month when I informed about the credit limit for new companies which is available with this account and can be up to PLN 10,000. Today, the next cool promotion that should interest those people who run their own business and the company account in millenial yet do not have.

A bonus of PLN 600 can be granted to us if we set one of two company accounts offered by millenial, ie Zbusiness, or Start account or Zbusiness, Camifrom account. Another of the conditions when our account is already active is making payments to ZUS contributions for an amount not less than PLN 250 each month for the next 12 months. And finally, one more small condition that we have to meet to receive this bonus is to make each month at least one transaction using a payment card issued to your account.

How will the said bonus amount to PLN 600 be paid to us? Well, it will be paid in the form of 12 transfers, each for PLN 50 to the 30th day of each month, of course directly to the newly created account.

What do fees look like in the Zbusiness Start account? For the first 12 months, the account remains free, and transfers to ZUS or US are free, as are cash withdrawals from ATMs. In the case of making online transfers, the first 5 made in a given month are free.