Tips for Choosing the Best Personal Loan

The Best Personal Loan

The Best Personal Loan

Personal loan, we will see some tips on how to choose the most suitable modality according to your conditions. How should you apply for the best personal loan? The ways to apply for credit are many, in each case the candidate the borrower needs to put himself in a strategic position to assess transaction costs, risks and still protect his data and his financial life.

In the current situation that we live are not few people who are in search of loan, the money released is used in varied ways, and each person has their needs. Today, in addition to being able to get a new loan, the person interested in credit still has the possibility to transfer his loan (portability), he can also refinance. If you want you can sell the debts of loans to a bank that is willing to buy.

The institutions in Brazil that lend money are numerous but the procedures for granting are always or almost the same. So let’s get the tips for you to know how to behave and observe when you go bank or financial.

1 -) Loan repayment – Before applying for your best personal loan or bank loan, be sure that installment payments will be deducted from your monthly salary, so this amount will no longer form part of your personal budget. It may seem repetitive but many people do not do the math when it comes to getting a loan.

2 -) The CET – total effective cost: is an extract that indicates the percentage of the total cost loan still despised by the credit contractor at the time of requesting loan. Be aware, in general the manager does not speak to you costs such as IOF, insurance premium (financed), and in some cases TAC for opening of credit etc.

3 -) The loan agreement – ask for the contract to read, although it is extremely annoying action can get rid of some abusive clause, it may also contain erroneous information about the exact amount of the loan, the way of charging, the interest rate and the correct indication of the CET, in addition to the basic costs and commissions if any.

4 -) Loan denied – If you requested a loan transaction at a financial institution and it denied credit approval, make an application to know the reason, know that you have the right to clarify the reasons for the refusal, including if you are included in the Credit Protection Service.